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Nobunagais a middle school teacher who constantly dreams of an adoring beautiful girl appearing in front of him. Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma Nobunaga Teachers Young Bride already aired its first episode on 6 April 2019Although we are a bit late we still wanted to show you stills and synopsis of Episode 1.

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The upcoming Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma anime has revealed its premiere to be at 0000 on 9 April 2019 JST.

Anime nobunaga sensei. One day therell be a girl wholl fall head over heels for me Nobunaga was a teacher who was waiting for that kind of dating sim event to happen in real life. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma ตอนท 9 ซบไทย. Join the online community create your anime and manga list read reviews explore the forums.

One day a girl who loves me will suddenly appear before meMiddle school teacher Nobunaga has always been dreaming of such a gal game-like situation. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma follows the titular Nobunaga an incel middle school teacher who wants to be loved by girls. The comedy and story in this anime is quite solid and everything in it is actually read more permalink report Jun 26 2019 12 of 12 episodes seen Overall Rating.

When one day he touches some random object in a shed a loli appears out of thin air and asks to fuck him. Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma airs its 12th episode on 22 June 2019. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma ตอนท 11 ซบไทย.

Episode 12 My wife told me she wont return. Anime Otaku News.

Nội Dung AnimeKichou – Vợ của Nobunaga 14 tuổi đã I S E K A I từ thời chiến quốc đến thời hiện đại và nhận nhầm anh đực rựa nhà ta – Nobunaga chính là phu. Episode 1 It is good that my wife came. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma ตอนท 10 ซบไทย.

MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world. One day Kichou the 14-year-old wife of the real-life Warring States period warlord Oda Nobunaga does appear in front of him after having apparently traveled through time. Suatu hari seorang gadis yang mencintaiku tiba-tiba akan muncul di hadapanku Guru sekolah menengah Atas bernama Nobunaga selalu memimpikan situasi yang mirip permainan seperti itu.

Its a ecchi comedy that focus on a mid school professor and trust me youve never seen an ecchi more NONSENSE than this I can assure it for you my boy. One day a 14 year old girl named Kicho appears in front of him saying that shes his wife. Four new characters and their cast members have also been introduced.

The solution for the regrets has to be found. Anime Otaku News. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma Japanese.

Read more information about the character Kitsuno Ikoma from Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma. An age-gap love comedy featuring a teacher with a dating sims brain and a princess with a warring states era brain. 7 Menit Tanggal Rilis.

Report Recommended by Shirade OnegaiTeacher add permalink. She mistakes the present-day Nobunaga for the historical Oda Nobunaga and. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma Subtitle Indonesia Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma adalah serial manga komedi romantis Jepang oleh Azure Konno.

Konomi Yuzaki is to play Mayu Biwajima Marika Tanaka is to play Yuri Hoshigaoka Moe Toyota plays Anna Atsuta and Suzuna Kinoshita plays Ichika Oda. So far the anime has not failed to make me laugh at least once per episode. DmonHiro Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma BD 720p 01 – It Is Good That My Wife Cameass 154 KiB 01 – It Is Good That My Wife Camemkv 1159 MiB 02 – Nobunagas Determinationass 154 KiB 02 – Nobunagas Determinationmkv 1261 MiB 03 – Kichou Goes To Schoolass 134 KiB 03 – Kichou Goes To Schoolmkv 1283 MiB.

At MyAnimeList you can find out about their voice actors animeography pictures and much more. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma – 12 BD 1280×720 x264 AACmp4 823 MiB. Characters voice actors producers and directors from the anime Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma Nobunaga teachers young bride on MyAnimeList the internets largest anime database.

Check out the preview stills and short synopsis. If you liked Nande Koko ni Sensei ga or even To Love Ru you will probably love Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma ตอนท 12 จบ ซบไทย.

Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma Episode 12 Preview Stills and Synopsis. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma is an anime composed of short 7 minute yet entertaining episodes.

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